The Halal Ribfest -
Bridging the gaps
in our community

Learn more about what Halal Ribfest is and how we are bridging the gap between halal and consumers!

Our Vision

Halal Ribfest's vision is to celebrate North American diversity while being inclusive of all consumers - including Muslims. We strive to provide growth opportunities to local businesses through our community events. We aim to curb Islamophobia and racism by providing an inclusive platform for all.

Our Objectives

North America is multicultural and diverse with over 250 ethnicities representing from around the globe. Our traditions, values, and lifestyles mesh together to create a cultural mosaic. We are home to over 5 million Muslims. Our objective is to showcase the unique Halal flavors through an authentic “Halal” experience. Our festival will exclusively serve Halal meat while avoiding products containing pork and alcohol.

Our History

How it all started

The founders of the Halal Ribfest wanted to bring the first ever Ribfest to the world based on their own personal experiences.
“ While growing up in Toronto, We often walked past local Rib fests, and still remember how the smoky smell of barbecued meat used to drive us crazy, knowing that it was most likely not Halal, so actually going inside was out of the question, but that did make us feel left out! ”
Today, our youth are still having the same question in their minds and that’s what made HRF come to life. The need from the community, to have a platform where people can explore and experience Halal BBQ food for the first time ever!

Our Goal

Our festival caters to the needs of all audiences, this family-friendly outing will have kids yearning for more as they partake in carnival rides and games and enjoy crowd-favorite eats and treats. Our community will also get to enjoy live performers and explore shopping markets showcasing local vendors and unique products as well as meet their favorite influencers.

Have any questions?

We are currently accepting bookings for our 2024 North America Tour. For all vendor, sponsorship, partnership or general inquiries, Contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.