The Halal market -
The World’s fastest growing consumer group

Learn more about what ‘Halal’ means and the impact it has on the modern consumer.


Muslims account for 30% of the world’s population by 2025

The global Muslim market is projected to reach about 2.4 trillion dollars

What does Halal mean?

What is halal?
Halal is an Arabic term in Islam which means permissible.
What is haram?
According to the dietary rules of Islam, haram refers to the foods that are not fit for Muslim consumption
The Halal Lifestyle
When people choose 'Halal' they are reviving an intentional and God connected process.
Why is halal important?
Halal is important to Muslims because it is a divine dictate. Compromising the dietary laws of Islam yields serious spiritual drawback.
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The "Halal" benefits

The Canadian Halal Consumer

The Canadian halal food market is estimated to be world over $1.2 billion. it's a market that is growing in importance, as Canada's Muslim population is increasing at roughly 13 percent annually.

Be a part of the growing demand for Inclusiveness

Inclusivity is an important aspect of creating a positive and welcoming environment. Offering halal food can be a good business decision for vendors, as it allows them to cater to a wider customer base.

Muslims make up a significant portion of the world's population, and many of them adhere to halal dietary guidelines. By offering halal options, restaurants can attract these customers and increase their customer base.

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